Neil Woods

Having left school at 15 and being inducted into a 5 apprenticeship which resulted in the relevant qualification I began my long career within the industry, starting in the plant baker sector, then into the craft artisan area of the trade, then, when the supermarket in-store bakery emerged in the early 80’s, I was able to integrate, plus having my own bakery business in between all these areas of the trade, then spending the last 32 years of my working life involved in the ingredient supplier side of the industry, working for the German company IREKS GmbH as their U.K. National Sales Manager, travelling throughout the UK and Ireland, responsible for sales and marketing, demonstrations/presentations, recruiting of sales staff.

I have been lucky to have represented the company at most of the European trade exhibitions and at the NEC many times, also including the American bakery fair.

I am a member of the BCA, BSB and a past president of the ABST and have judged many times in the past at various events, am sure if you ask within the industry there will be a few people that can vouch for my credentials.